Reservation instructions

Please complete the form below this calendar to reserve your time slots for the braai and press the send button
Reservation times are 2 hours for each slot.  If you want it for 4 hours, please reserve 2 time slots in a row.  You will receive a confirmation email.
If you are unable to click on a specific time slot, it means somebody else has already reserved that time.  A small clock shown on a calendar date indicates that the braai has been reserved sometime during that day. Place your cursor over the particular day to see what times have been reserved.
Please leave the braai area clean and tidy and put out any remaining braai fire.  The code for the bathroom is C2678X

Recommendations & Advice:

  • Wood and charcoal fires work well and because of the large diameter of the fire pit
  • Some braai racks and stands should be there for your use. Please check before as the can go missing.
  • Lights can be turned on by the switch in the electrical box located on the toilet building’s left side. Slide the cover up.
  • Toilet paper is sometimes there, but in the Christmas season the maintenance guys are not there every day so it may run out.
  • Rubbish bins are checks regularly, but over weekends and the holiday period it may build up.
  • Best is to take your rubbish home.

We have received a notice from CSOS which allows for the picnic spot to be used by Residents, but Excom is tasked with strict compliance with the regulations of Covid – 19.  We will be held responsible for any transgression thereof. Excom does not have the resources to monitor and ensure compliance and we regretfully have to inform you that the booking of the picnic spot is closed. Should you however wish to use the area, you are more than welcome, but you do it at your own risk. Stay safe!

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